Welcome to ELWOOD'S CLUB!

Established on April 7, 2015

Hello, I was eight years old when I started this club, and I was in the 3rd grade, but that was a very long time ago!  I really like to read and play both drums and the piano, and I enjoy computer games, too.  (Okay, my grandfather helped a little bit with this website.)

I plan to add a photo Gallery of my family and other funny people . . . or things.

  Some of my friends say I have two brains...

      If I Were President

      If I were President of the United States
      I'd cancel peanut butter,
      violent movies, school,
      crayons, and also nasty little dogs.

      And... a few of my friends say I remind of them of some boy-king name of Tut.  Dunno why.        

      My Life at Age 40

      Wow, I'm so excited to become 40, 1 can't even think about what it could be like!

      Wait, HERE COMES A THOUGHT, HERE COMES A THOOUUUGHT- Sorry, got a bit hyperactive there, though, now that I think about it, 40 isn't always that great.  I mean, you'd have no curfew and all, but would you really want to pay rent and taxes?  Hmm, lemme imagine my life at 40,1 wonder if it's good or bad or even "mediocre"...

    After I Invented the Taxi
    The people of New York City were so grateful to me for inventing the taxi cab that they put my picture on the side of one of their buildings...

    The Time The Twister Touched The Ground

    It was what seemed like a normal day in Oklahoma... Or so I thought.  I woke up, did a little dance, and brushed my teeth.  But when I went to have breakfast, I knew that something was wrong.  I tuned in to the news station a little late, right into the middle of a report of something headed straight for my own neighborhood.

    Just a bunch of collected pictures and videos...

    Want to see some worms?

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